Reply To: Work Management Skills

CernySmith 4 years, 11 months ago

Setting…and Keeping Healthy Workload Priorities

So often we feel stressed when too many seemingly important tasks present themselves all at once. This fractures our “order of things” and we often react—-usually by doing the easier things first that may not be the best to prioritize. Or maybe we tackle the toughest big thing and get bogged down and disorganized. Or perhaps we just somehow escape them all, only to eventually create more pressure.

Here’s a “Rethink.” Unless you’re facing a real crisis, order your priorities with this perspective: start with those items both easier AND more (but not necessarily most) important first, followed by those that are gradually more attainable and challenging, until you’re in a positive mindset resulting from those first successes, to take on the really challenging ones. Research shows us that early successes breed positive vibes and chemical reactions in our bodies that create can-do attitudes. Here’s the result: we see ourselves back in the order that suits our individual temperaments, with energies focused on what we’re controlling, not by outside influences.

Make sense? Try it; it may be a valuable new Perspective. For more guidance, review the Managing Workload article in the Training Library.